Mt. Rose SchoolThe Historic Reno Preservation Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of Reno’s cultural, social, economic, educational and architectural history. The diversity of Reno’s heritage, its boom-and-bust cycles from mining, gaming and the economy, and its rapid growth cycles present HRPS with unique challenges and opportunities. We advocate for the preservation of Reno’s historic buildings and places. Each situation entails a different approach, involves the work of many, and may require years to resolve.

We encourage you to read the various issues we present and if you think as HRPS does, that the situation merits a response, please send an email, a text or make a phone call to the party listed on the issue. You could copy a portion of the subject matter presented and send it along with your statement of committed support. HRPS appreciates your support of the issues and your backing of HRPS.