HRPS Program - Nevada State Board on Geographic Names

03/01/2020 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Location: Downtown Library, 301 S. Center Street, Reno

Dr. Christine Johnson, Collection Manager, Nevada Historical Society, discusses the Nevada State Board on Geographic Names—How Do the Mountains Get their Names?

Did you know that Nevada is considered to be the most mountainous state in the country? With more than 300 named ranges, Nevada’s topography contains thousands of peaks, valleys, mounts, buttes, bluffs, cutoffs, mountains, points, and more. The Nevada State Board on Geographic Names has been in place since 1985, working to advise the U.S. Board on new name suggestions, research current names of features, and weigh in on controversies when presented. This talk will provide a history of the board, operational procedures, provide a look at why and how features get named, and highlight a few interesting and noteworthy features on the Nevada landscape.