10/17/2018 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm


Northwest Library, 2325 Robb Drive, Reno

Tony Shafton, author and independent scholar, discusses his fifth book, “The Nevada They Knew.” After writing four books on subjects as diverse as dream psychology, African-American cultural sociology, and the biological evolution of self-awareness in humans and other primates, Tony returned home to Nevada in 2012 to write about a legendary friendship — that of Robert Caples and Walter Van Tilburg Clark. Caples was Nevada’s leading artist of the twentieth century, and Walter Van Tilburg Clark was its leading novelist. Caples works range from portraits of divorcees to charcoals of Nevada Indians, especially of Great Basin mountains. Clark’s fame rests on The Ox-Bow Incident, but his finest novel is The City of Trembling Leaves, a celebration of youth based in part on the early years of his friendship with Caples in Nevada.