A Tree Grows on Mayberry

There's a small tree growing in front of the house at 1610 Mayberry Drive in Reno. Its trunk and branches are made of bricks and its leaves are made of stone. A bird has found a nice nesting place in one of its upper branches and small live plants peek out from here and there. The man who built this little tree is a retired mason. (Well, masons who love their craft don't really retire, they just stop getting paid for their work.)

An artful tree made of stones and bricks
Photo courtesy of the author

Peter Duffy—who, through his Sartorial masonry business has done plenty of restoration work around Reno on historical buildings, walls, porches and pillars—now loves to create these unique, whimsical trees when and where he can. Recently, I spoke to him about this particular tree, which stands quite alone on the large retaining wall in front of his house, and he said he has considered building more trees to join it, but he feels a little self-conscious doing the work out on the street.

An artful tree in situ
Photo courtesy of the author

Pshaw I say. I believe anything nowadays that can catch our eye and bring a smile to our face deserves our support. I think we need more reasons to smile and I hope Peter delights us with more of his brick and stone creations. If you agree with me, please say so in the comments section of this blog. (If you don’t agree with me, please check out another fine article on this website.)

  • Paula Riley

    I love this tree! There's one that reminds me of it on Plumb and I wonder if that is Peter's work too? More trees, please. You can tell him I asked nicely.

  • Kim Henrick

    Paula Riley

    Yes, the tree on Plumb Lane was also built by Peter.

  • Kim Henrick

    Yes, the tree on Plumb Lane was created by Peter. These trees give a whole new meaning to Reno being considered a "Tree City."

  • Pam Holden

    Thank you Peter ;)

  • Celia

    Beautiful, Beautiful! I wonder if we could talk Peter into blessing our 1932 Bungalow we purchased on Winter St., with such an amazing piece of art!

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