The Gould Building History Mystery

HRPS just published the Winter 2017 FootPrints newsletter with Debbie Hinman's important article about Reno's Gould family history. In 1879, Warren Hill Gould purchased a large, one-year-old, Victorian house on Mill Street, where the Washoe Mill Apartments reside today at 1375 Mill Street just east of Renown Regional Medical Center. I remembered that back in 2005 I was struck by the vast age difference between an old, dilapidated, tan building at this location and the more modern apartments north of it. I snapped a few photographs of the scene and promptly forgot about it. When Debbie was researching her Gould family article recently I looked back at the photos I had taken of the old building in that area and discovered that the name "Gould" and the number "1301" were marked prominently above one of the doors.

Gould Family Barn?
View 1—Gould Family Barn?
Gould Family Barn?
View 2—Gould Family Barn?

The old building is gone now, and according to Google Map historical views, it was torn down sometime between August 2007 and July 2010. Does anyone know more about the history of this old building? Was it perhaps the barn building (although with a slightly different door configuration) that stood just west of the Gould family house in 1879, as shown on page 1 of the Winter 2017 FootPrints? If so, the building was at least 129 years old when demolished. Please comment on this blog if you know of any history that can help with this mystery.

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