President's Message Winter 2015-2016

Looking back on 2015, our reach continues to grow. In July 2015, our walking tours were so popular I think we may have broken our own record! Mansions on the Bluff kicked off the month with 125 participants on the 4th of July. Some thought the 8 a.m. start time on a holiday would lower attendance, but they were wrong after guides led two groups on what is HRPS's most popular walk. A member let us know how much she loved the Church Tour, her first visit to any of the three churches. She reported: "since I joined [HRPS], I've been on walking tours all around Northern Italy, and my girlfriend who joined [HRPS] with me, went on one in New York City. So, not only have we enjoyed learning about Reno, we have learned a whole new way to get to know cities we visit. Thanks for doing such a great job putting the activities together."

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