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No parking is available on Aspen Glen Drive

Aspen Glen is a narrow country lane and has no parking area. We ask that you follow these directions and use the footbridge over the Truckee River:

Turn-by-turn Directions:

From Dorostkar Park at 6331 Mayberry Drive, drive northwest to West 4th Street (0.3 mile). Turn left (west) on West 4th and drive 0.3 mile. Turn left on Woodland Avenue. Take the first left onto White Fir Street and follow curve (0.3 mile). You will be in front of River School Farm and near the walking bridge.

Navigation System Directions:

7777 White Fir Street (River School Farm address)

Either of these should take you to parking on White Fir Street or along the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. Look for the balloons at the entrance to the walking bridge over the Truckee River that takes you to 7090 Aspen Glen Drive (This is near the site where the Pioneer Trail crossed the Truckee River).