The Reno Heritage Fund is a redesign of the Neighborhood Preservation Fund, which was founded in 2010. The new fund broadens the community reach of its charitable arm. The Fund now has two goals:

  • Home Improvement Projects (HIP) - this funding continues our commitment to helping property owners rehabilitate their buildings through small matching grants
  • Special Heritage Projects- this funding will allow the HRPS Board to initiate history-related projects of importance to the Reno community

The Home Improvement Projects will allow property owners the opportunity to apply for grants for the rehabilitation of historical structures in a manner authentic with the original architectural style.

A rolling grant deadline will now be used for the HIP. The HIP grants are reviewed by an awarding jury of Historic Reno Preservation Society (HRPS) members. Their decisions are final. Priority will be given to owner occupied projects that enhance original historical neighborhood character and the original architectural style of the structure. Typical grants are under $5,000.


  1. Preference will be given to Reno based projects but worthy projects in other areas of the Truckee Meadows can be considered. Structures must be at least 50 years old, or of historical and/or architectural significance. Applicants must be Nevada residents.
  2. A letter of intent describing the project must first be approved by the RHF committee. After the approval, applicants can then submit the RHF grant application. Information about the letter of intent can be found on the menu on the right.
  3. Grants will be given for exterior improvements only (e.g., front door, front windows, porch details, etc.). Grants are not intended for landscaping or hardscaping projects. Exceptions may be made, on a case by case judgment by the awarding jury, if the landscaping improvement is heirloom and appropriate to the original time frame of the building or has a direct impact on the preservation of the structure.
  4. Improvements must be authentic to the style of the structure. For example, a new door or window for a Craftsman Bungalow, needs to be of Craftsman Bungalow style. Vinyl products are not historically authentic. The HIP grant will not fund vinyl windows. Purchase of or repair of historically appropriate wood or metal framed windows will be funded.
  5. Grant monies must be matched by funds on a 1:1 ratio by the property owner. Exceptions may be made by the judgment of the awarding jury. The level of match may be reduced if the applicant can demonstrate extenuating circumstances.
  6. All proposals, estimates, and projects must be completed by a licensed contractor. Samples of color schemes, paint chips, roof materials and/or photos of items being requested must be provided with the original application and should be made available in an easily photo-copied form. Scanned applications along with all supporting materials may be emailed.
  7. If mailed, six color copies of the attachments (samples, photos/illustrations of the property, items to be purchased, etc.) must be submitted along with six copies of the original application (application, contractor’s estimate, etc.). One set of physical samples only is required if funding includes paint chips, roofing samples, etc.
  8. No work can commence until approval of the grant application by the RHF panel.
  9. Any work completed through the Reno Heritage Fund/Home Improvement Projects must remain with the property if it is transferred or sold.
  10. HRPS reserves the right to request that the grant recipient refund the amount of the grant if the property is sold or demolished within 3 years of the HIP funding.
  11. Awardee acknowledges receiving EPA lead based paint booklet and agrees to sign Hold Harmless Waiver.
  12. The awarding jury is allowed to visit the site for review and feedback for a period of two years for educational purposes.
  13. Work must be completed within 90 days of approval of application, unless otherwise indicated by the awarding jury. If repairs will take longer than 90 days, the applicant should specify the needed time extension in the application. 50% of the grant monies will be given to the awardee prior to commencement of work, the remaining 50% will be given within 30 days of the completion of the project.
  14. Failure to complete work in an agreed upon time frame will negate the grant. The awardee will be required to refund the initial cash award.
  15. Grant requests for commercial projects must have in place all completed city and county permits, zoning, deeds, and property line adjustments.
  16. The property owner agrees to participate in appropriate publicity about the improvements, including photographs of the work. The work may be featured on the HRPS website, in the HRPS newsletter FootPrints and other publications.