The 2017 Harvest of Homes Tour

The neighborhoods revealed in this year's Tour range from two newer homes built on lands once owned by early ranchers in the late 1800s: to a classic manor house in a neighborhood once referred to as South Suburban; to three brick beauties in Reno's ever-popular Newlands Neighborhood. In moving through the neighborhoods and the homes themselves, we hope you will gain a sense of Reno's history, of huge parcels of ranch land that became subdivided for residential use as Reno moved from an agrarian to urban society, of the evolution of the additions and subdivisions that grew up around the downtown core and the architecture that represents each time period. As you read the home histories, we hope you will come to know a little about the people who lived in the homes, both who they were and how they came to become a part of the history of the city we love and inhabit today.

The Homes

1680 Greenfield Drive

A mid-century rambling ranch house, built around a 1900s stable in 1957 by then owner-architect Russell Clopine, is situated in a spectacular bucolic setting.

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205 Urban Road

A 1940 DeLongchamps-designed Colonial Revival 2-story, distinguished and elegant, faces the greenery of the Washoe County Golf Course, once an airmail airport.

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548 California Avenue

A 1935 Period Revival brick home in Newlands Historic District, lovingly restored and with a notorious history, now a business office, is our adaptive reuse property.

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643 Manor Drive

A charming Period Revival, built in 1935 as a 5-room cottage for $5,000, part of Newlands Historic District, has arched doorways, beautifully restored windows and original wood floors.

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785 Manor Drive

A delightful brick gem, a Minimal Traditional cottage built around 1935, originally with five rooms, has lush landscaping and an interior full of eclectic items and antiques.

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7090 Aspen Glen

At the end of a narrow, tree-lined country road, past a large 1880s barn, and behind lovely iron gates, sits a Contemporary-style gem with water on all sides and views in all directions.

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