205 Urban Road

This beautiful home was designed by preeminent local architect Frederic DeLongchamps and completed in 1940. In the late 1930s when homes were being built along Urban Road, it was still outside the city limits and considered "suburban country living." This description was a huge selling point for the new homes, as well as the presence of the open land of the Washoe Golf Course right across the street, providing an unobstructed view southward. The homes on this street are very dissimilar and this one, on nearly a half-acre corner lot, is distinguished and elegant. A Colonial Revival style residence with French Eclectic details, the house features through-the-cornice dormer windows and a canopied entry porch. James E. and Mildred Slingerland were its earliest residents. James owned his own insurance agency and was a Nevada native with an impressive lineage. His grandfather, James F. Slingerland, was Lieutenant Governor of Nevada from 1866-1870 and an ex-officio warden at the Nevada State Prison. This property was James' home until his death in 1963; his wife lived here until the late 1970s. As her health declined, she had a downstairs bedroom and bathroom added to the home. Mildred left the house to the son of a close friend; in 1979 he sold the home to Treat and Patty Cafferata. Treat was a prominent Reno surgeon and Patty, daughter of Barbara Vucanovich, U. S. Congresswoman, followed her mother's path, becoming elected to the Nevada Assembly, then State Treasurer and a district attorney for three Nevada counties. Current owner Jeff Lowden removed carpet to showcase the original hardwood floors and has decorated the home with an engaging mix of antique and contemporary furnishings. An upstairs bath is pure 1940s at its best. We know this home will satisfy those of you who have driven by it for years, wishing to get a glimpse of the interior.