2775 Mayberry Drive

At A Glance:

Built: 1952
Owner: Tim and Joan Elam
Square Footage: 682+

Distinctive Features:

  • 1909 Rick’s Resort housed Jack Johnson training camp
  • 1922-1932 The Willows elegant nightclub and gambling house
  • Lovely cottage surrounded by lush gardens
  • Two 1940s Hwy 40 cabins from the Siesta Motel

This property was such a crowd-pleaser when it made its first appearance on the Harvest of Homes Tour in 2010 that we decided it was worthy of a "return engagement." The roots of the "Enchanted Garden" are steeped in history. In 1909, when the address was the South Verdi Road, Rick's Resort occupied this site. Rick's gained national acclaim as the training camp of Jack Johnson, winner of the internationally-known 1910 Johnson-Jeffries fight held in Reno. Later, the site was an exclusive club known as The Willows that operated from 1922-1930. Although no vestige of these roots remain, there are reminders of the days of Highway 40 for you to peruse. The lovely cottage home of Tim and Joan Elam stands surrounded by a fabulous garden that features two charming cabins from the Siesta Motel, formerly on old Highway 40. You may want to stay in this garden forever.