937 Jones Street

At A Glance:

Built: 1902
Owner: Joan Arrizabalaga, since 1975
Square Footage: 2141
3 bedrooms / 2 baths

Distinctive Features:

  • an Artist lives here
  • our Encore house from first Home Tour
  • in Powning Addition
  • Free Classic Queen Anne in brick
  • on the National Register of Historic Places

This "grand old lady" of a house occupies two lots on the corner of residential Jones Street and Keystone Avenue. When it was built, Keystone was the westernmost border of Reno and the historic Powning's Addition. The house is a two-story simplified Free Classic Queen Anne style of solid red brick, with a one-story wrap-around porch. Thanks to the loving care of its owner, Joan Arrizabalaga, who purchased the home in 1975, it is remarkably original. Entering this home is akin to passing through a time warp to an earlier day. Everywhere you will see Joan’s fabulous art. Books and mementos abound—the home is a veritable museum of Joan's life. One bedroom has an amazing mural, extending from the ceiling down the sides of the room, with pieces of the underlying wallpaper incorporated in the design. One bath has an iron bathtub that was once a horse trough in Virginia City. You need to reserve extra time in your day to spend here.