145 Mark Twain

At A Glance:

Built: 1928
Owner: John Farrow, since 2011
Square Footage: 1702
2 bedrooms / 2 baths

Distinctive Features:

  • interior built by John
  • new kitchen looks old by design
  • brick home in Newlands Manor
  • period revival style
  • in Newlands Historic District

This lovely and distinctive home in Newlands Manor was built on a stretch of Mark Twain that runs between Joaquin Miller and Manor Drive and features homes set back atop sloping lawns on the west side of the street. The home style is Period Revival with a lovely arched front window and two small balconies gracing the front of the home. The Maestretti family purchased the home in 1929; Maestretti became a district judge and served until his death in 1961. The home was purchased by John Farrow in 2011— it is elegant and beautifully furnished. John, an amazingly skilled craftsman, built the intricately carved front door and nearly all the furniture in the home. You will be struck first by the living room's stunning wall finish—it is said actual gold leaf is in the paint. John remodeled the kitchen and its matte marble countertops and old-style cupboards and farmhouse sink echo the era of the home. You are guaranteed to love this home!