Monthly Program

...and Annual Meeting/Bylaws vote on May 4. Join us via Zoom for meeting and Program on American Mountain Men, the fur trapping era 1800 – 1840 presented by Larry Walker. See Meeting details below.

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Spring 2021 FootPrints

The latest issue of FootPrints is now available.

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Lear Theater

Did you know the Lear Theater Project, amid all its ups and downs, has been ongoing for 26 years? We have put together a comprehensive set of articles for you to learn more about the history of the project and the surrounding area.

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Francis Newlands

Learn all the facts about the Newlands' name in Reno.

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Reno Heritage Fund

Read about changes to the RHF.

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Proposed Bylaws Vote

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 5:30 pm via Zoom

Your HRPS Board has completed a Bylaws review, with an eye to updating the HRPS Bylaws, last reviewed in 2015. Bylaws should be reflective of the way an organization operates and the proposed changes conform to how we are currently doing business as a non-profit. We have modernized many sections, allowing for virtual and other electronic forms of operation and management. We have cleaned up language from the original Bylaws that were modeled on a for-profit corporation.

Previously, the membership approved the Board slate at a (physical) annual meeting. As you know from experience, we are often adding Board members at different times throughout the year, prompted by resignations for various reasons. We propose a change in the Bylaws to have only the Board approve new Board members and at any time during the year.

The current Bylaws require a vote of the Membership at the Annual Meeting to approve Bylaw changes. This requirement is a component of Bylaws geared toward a corporate environment where members are also shareholders. As a non-profit, HRPS does not function that way and we propose a change to require only Board approval to make a change in the Bylaws.