The Homes Tour is a special day where we show our pride in Reno's older neighborhoods. Educating about local history is an important goal for HRPS and the Tour provides an intimate and engaging way to accomplish this. Our walking tours reveal many stories and hidden gems throughout Reno, but we rarely have the opportunity to step across a threshold into the homes themselves. This Tour provides admirers of old homes a rare glimpse inside some of these special places.

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Joe Gryzmski and Alexandra Lutz
6 Bret Harte Avenue

Joan Arrizabalaga
937 Jones Street

John Farrow
145 Mark Twain Avenue

Natalie Reed
611 Forest Street

Sandra Kelly
1895 West Plumb Lane

Charlotte Voitoff
3310 Sunnvale Avenue

Dr. Larry and Chris Klaich
619 Sinclair Street

Bryan and Barrie Lynn
151 & 161 Wonder Street

Arjen and Kristen Kuyper
1118 Nixon Avenue

Joni Dickson and Jerry Valenti
1300 Humboldt Street

Tim and Joan Elam
2775 Mayberry

205 Urban Road

1680 Greenfield Drive

785 Manor Drive

643 Manor Drive

548 California Avenue

7090 Aspen Glen

Dusty and Michael Mikel
507 West 6th Street

Kent and Christina Stoever Young
887 Marsh Avenue

Tim Braidy
373 and 373½ West Arroyo Street

The Bath Family
3636 Mayberry Drive

Jim House
175 Juniper Hill Road

Rob Madry
201 Wonder Street

Zeina Barkawi and Damian "Dom" Sinnott
576 Ridge Street

Dr. Thomas and Mary Conklin
25 Bret Harte Avenue

Jim Barcellos and Paul Devereux
1325 Lander Street

Mimi Ellis-Hogan
275 Urban Road

Margo and Kenneth Bender
572 Ridge Street

Jack Hursh
119 and 121 Vine Street

Nancy and Tim Gilbert
970 Joaquin Miller Drive, "The Greystone Castle"

Francoise Batteauw
761 California Avenue "The Parsons/Steinmiller/McGinley House"

Doug and Lisa Bennett
587 Ridge Street

Loretta Wright
506 Wheeler Avenue

Tom and Lori Burke
629 Jones Street "The Cann/Burke House"

John LaGatta
725 California Avenue

Paul and Sue Rutherford
927 Joaquin Miller Drive

Mike and Pat Ferraro Klos
245 Glenmanor Drive

Hugh Roy and Cynthia Marshall
2301 Lakeside Drive "The Hancock/Marshall Mansion"

Scott Gibson and Mercedes de la Garza
575 Ridge Street

Stephen and Beth Brennan
775 California Avenue

Neil and Roberta Ferguson
640 California Avenue

Craig Sweeney
716 South Arlington Avenue

Anthony and Nancy Palladino
1000 Plumas Street

Eric Rasmussen and Victoria Hines
1080 Mount Rose Street

Ivye and Lee Johnson
137 Burns Street in the West of Wells neighborhood

Patty and Wayne Melton
1127 Codel Way in the University neighborhood

Marybeth Goddard and Michael Powell
59 Winter Street in Powning's Addition

Ellen and Gene Williams
700 Monroe Street in Southwest Reno

Jessica and Troy Schneider
835 Arlington Avenue in Southwest Reno

Carl Shogren
1155 Mark Twain in Southwest Reno

Lyndi Cooper- and Jack Schroeder
Patrick Ranch House
1225 Gordon Avenue in Southwest Reno

Joan Arrizabalaga
Upson/Arrizabalaga House
937 Jones Street in Powning's Addition

Rosalie and Scott Powell
Full Circle House
360 Moran Street in the West of Wells neighborhood

Shirlee and Larry Hull
Hart House
1150 Monroe Court in Southwest Reno

Shirie Wallace
Abner Sewell House
1280 Monroe Street in Southwest Reno

Joan and Tim Elam
Enchanted Garden
2775 Mayberry Drive on the "Verdi Road" in West Reno