American Beaver Trappers

Larry speaks on the beaver trappers of the "fur trade era" (1800-1840) and how the American Mountain Men group research and teach the skills and history of these important pathfinders.

Larry Walker first became interested in shooting sports in the late 1980s. That led to muzzleloader competitions and cowboy action shooting. These sports led him to an interest in the history of the western fur trade era, what we sometimes call Mountain Men. In 2000, he connected with the American Mountain Men who, as an organization, study, in earnest, the lifestyles and equipment of the fur trappers, with an emphasis on authenticity. Larry's main focus of research has been on the firearms used in the late 18th and first half of the 19th centuries. He currently builds recreations of the JJ Henry trade rifles that were the most commonly used by the mountaineers.

American Mountain Men Video

Larry Walker