As a HRPS member, do I have to login to the website?
No, you can look over all of the content without logging in.
Why should I login to the website?
As a HRPS member, you could review and modify your profile. You could change your FootPrints delivery from U.S. mail to email when you go on vacation, for instance. Or update your email address or phone number. Next you could renew your membership. Possibly you would want to give a donation. And be sure to logout when you finish.
What is a "Bundle" or a "Bundle Member?"
HRPS is using a Membership Management Software package called Wild Apricot. It considers Members to be either Individual (just one person) or a Bundle (more than one person). Within those categories we have Individual and Student Memberships as "Individual." All our other membership levels are "Bundle memberships." One person is the administrator and pays for renewals. A second person (who can have a different email address, by the way) is a Bundle member.
The website wants my password, but I don’t have one?
As a HRPS member, you can enter your email address in the member login box and select "Forgot password." You will very quickly receive a password in your email. You can use that password or change it to one of your choice.
How do I change my email address? or my street address?
Log in to My Profile. Just under the words My Profile is a gray box with the words Edit Profile. Click on Edit Profile and you can change most items in your profile (but not your Membership level).
Can I change my Membership level?
Yes. Log in. In My Profile, to the right of Membership level, there is the word Change. Click on that and you can change to any Membership level.
Why do I see in the URL address bar at the top of my browser window?
The HRPS website is now a merge of a Joomla website and a Wild Apricot website. Wild Apricot is how HRPS has installed a Membership Management System.
How long does my membership last?
Membership is for a whole year, and your membership renews on the anniversary of your join date. For those who joined before 2017, your join date is considered to be January 1.