Reno's Hebrew Cemetery

This presentation looks at the early days of Jewish presence in Nevada and the need to establish cemeteries for their population. The Comstock brought Jews to Nevada—engineers, storekeepers, traders, doctors, journalists, lawyers and of course, fortune seekers. While the Jewish population didn’t exceed one percent of the population, after the Comstock, the majority of Carson City and Reno dry goods shops were operated by Jews. It was a priority for early Jewish settlers to establish a cemetery. Reno’s Hebrew cemetery was begun in 1875 and follows Jewish customs. It is the only entirely Jewish cemetery in Nevada.

Sharon Honig-Bear is a HRPS Board member, Tour Guide, originator of the HRPS Home Tour, and a Past President of HRPS as well as a past Chair of the City of Reno Arts & Culture Commission.

Hebrew Cemeteries Video

Sharon Honig-Bear