Historic Reno Preservation Society (HRPS) brings you the histories and stories of Reno's people, properties and organizations. We work with historians and researchers to develop these wonderful programs for your education and enjoyment. For 2021, we offer Speaker Programs via Zoom from September to November. We will offer in-person programs when we can sit elbow to elbow to listen to a speaker.

Loren Jahn & Neil Cobb—The U.P. House

Loren Jahn

Artist/Preservationist Loren Jahn and Historian Neal Cobb tell the story of Loren's move of the U.P. House property at 821 N. Center Street in the UNR Gateway to its new location on Taylor Street near Nixon, during the COVID pandemic. This was the only property saved on the west side of N. Center between 8th and 9th Streets, once UNR decided to remove or demolish everything in the Gateway. The property once belonged to poet JoAnn deLongchamps who donated it to the University. It was most recently known as the International House and has been featured on the HRPS University Walking Tour for many years.