Welcome to our 2024 walking tour season. We're pleased to bring you six tours in May and ten in June and July. We look forward to seeing you!

Tours are free for members; non-members are $10. Membership is only $25/year so if you're not a member, it pays to join. Walks generally last from 1 ½ to 2 hours. No dogs please. Reservations are required and space is limited.

Access to HRPS Walking Tours varies according to venue. Certain areas may not be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities due to architectural barriers inherent in the historic construction of the structures or uneven walking surfaces.

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May 2024 Walking Tours

Newlands Neighborhood
May 11 9:00 am

Hillside Cemetery
May 14 6:00 pm

Downtown Sparks
May 18 9:00 am

Upper Ralston
May 21 6:00 pm

East Fourth Street
May 24 9:00 am

Wells Avenue Neighborhood
May 28 6:00 pm

June 2024 Walking Tours

Bricks and Stones
June 1 9:00 am

Powning Addition I
June 4 6:00 pm

Lake Addition
June 8 9:00 am

Hebrew and Knights of Pythias Cemeteries
June 11 6:00 pm

Mansions on the Bluff
Court Street
June 15 9:00 am

Accessible Mansions on the
Bluff Court Street
June 16 9:00 am

El Reno Apartment Homes
June 18 6:00 pm

Parsons & Mills Architecture
June 22 9:00 am

Circle Drive/Southridge
June 25 6:00 pm

Movie Footprints in Reno
June 29 9:00 am

July 2024 Walking Tours

Country Club Acres
July 2 6:00 pm

Truckee River All the Time
July 6 9:00 am

Powning Addition II
July 9 6:00 pm

Mansions on the Bluff:
California Avenue I
July 13 9:00 am

Mansions on the Bluff:
California Avenue II
July 16 6:00 pm

Literary Reno
July 20 9:00 am

DeLongchamps Residential Architecture
July 23 6:00 pm

Historic Nevada State Hospital
July 27 9:00 am

Reno Parks' Histories by Bike
July 28 9:00 am

Monroe Street
July 30 6:00 pm